What’s on the way

The number of electric vehicles on Australian roads is expected to rapidly increase by the mid 2020s when they’re projected to cost the same as a petrol-powered car. We’re investing in infrastructure through the Future Fuels Fund so we’re ready for the boom.

+400 fast charging stations

In all capital cities, as well as Geelong, Newcastle, Wollongong and Sunshine Coast.

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Shorter wait times

The charging stations will be capable of charging at least 2 vehicles concurrently at 50 kW or greater.

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More investment

Through the $71.9 million Future Fuels Fund.

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Put to good use

Considering buying an electric vehicle? There’s never been a better time.

We’re investing in electric vehicle charging stations so that more Australians who want to buy an electric car can do so and be confident that there’s a charging station nearby.

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What else is on the way for electric vehicles in Australia.

Future Fuels and Vehicles Strategy (Industry.gov.au)

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