What's on the way

Industry is exploring ways to use renewable electricity and clean hydrogen which will lower emissions and open up new markets.

New export markets

For green steel and green aluminium.

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More affordable green steel

Producing green steel under $700 per tonne is our goal.

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More affordable green aluminium

Producing green aluminium under $2,200 per tonne is our goal.

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Exporting green steel and aluminium to the world.

  • Industry is Australia’s largest energy user.
  • Two thirds of that energy is used to produce heat for industrial and other processes.
  • Using low emissions technologies instead of fossil fuels to produce steel and aluminium will help drive down emissions. 

When low emissions technologies such as clean hydrogen and renewable electricity are used to produce materials like steel and aluminium, the resulting products are called:

  • green steel
  • green aluminium.

Producing these materials using low emissions technologies has the potential to significantly lower emissions. 


Demand for green steel and green aluminium is increasing around the world, opening up a potential new export market.

We’re exploring opportunities to:

  • produce and supply green alumina and aluminium
  • produce and supply green steel
  • export value-added iron ore for green steel production overseas. 

What does it mean for you?

It means:

  • there will be fewer emissions from industry in our atmosphere
  • all the metals that we currently use (in cars, planes and buildings) will be produced in a way that is better for the environment 
  • our economy is set to strengthen with low emissions exports
  • jobs in regional areas.

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