It’s a fact

Australians can’t get enough of rooftop solar and its environmental and economic benefits. And we are proud to be among the world leaders in solar silicon cell technology.

Over 1 in 4 homes have solar panels

The highest uptake of solar photovoltaics globally.

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Australian technology is used globally

Passivated Emitter and Rear Cell technology (PERC) was developed by researchers from UNSW.

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Triple current rooftop solar capacity

An additional 24 GW of rooftop solar is projected to be deployed by 2030 (estimate).

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Put to good use

1 in 4 Australian homes are already powered by rooftop solar. 

Solar power is produced when energy from the sun is converted into electricity. Solar energy is also harnessed to heat air, water or other substances for a variety of applications. 

Many homes – more than 1 in 4  - are already using rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to cleanly and quietly generate power, and reduce electricity bills. Solar hot water systems are also popular for heating water using renewable energy.

Solar energy can also be used to:


What's on the way

Ultra low-cost solar.

We’re working to make solar cheaper because cheap, clean electricity is key to unlocking the potential of other low emissions technologies including clean hydrogen, low emission steel and aluminium and energy storage for firming (firming maintains output from variable power sources such as wind or solar).

Solar 30 30 30

Solar 30 30 30 is an ARENA-led initiative that will help achieve ultra low-cost solar. The initiative aims for solar PV to achieve 30% efficiency at 30 cents per installed watt by 2030. This will help drive down costs to meet the goal of solar electricity generation at $15 per MWh.

Learn more

How solar is going to play an even bigger part in Australia’s switch to renewable energy.

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